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Jobbers/Volunteering at Vendelbo Jamboree

As a jobber at Vendelbo Jamboree 2020, we can offer you an enjoyable and fun guiding/scouting experience along with our team of jobbers.

Our jobbers work in one of three committees: Technology and Logistics, Activities and Administration. You can participate as a helper at on pre-jamboree, main-jamboree or on post-jamboree, and you decide when to participate. Of course, we are hoping to get many helping hands during pre-jamboree, as this is the time when we are building the jamboree for real.

Contact info@vendelbo-jamborette.dk to hear more about joining the team of jobbers. Here, you can also tell more about which committee you would like to join primarily and which useful skills you have to offer the jamboree. E.g., First Aid, chain saw certificate, driving licence for large vehicles, climbing instructor, languages etc. 

Jobber Programme

Our expectations of jobbers at Vendelbo Jamboree

As a jobber, you will be assigned a committee where you will give your primary tasks. But we are helping each other across the committees, whenever the need arises. So even if you are assigned to one committee, we might need your hands with tasks in other committees as well. We are together in giving our guides and scouts the very best experiences.

You will be given tasks from the chairpersons or from the Jamboree Executive Committee. We expect you to join us in a good mood, openminded and prepared to help with different tasks. You are welcome to bring along your partner/spouse and your children at the Jamboree, but we expect you to be active as a jobber, when “on the job”.

Prices, Jobbers

  • Pre-Jamboree: Free
  • Main-Jamboree: 80 DKK pr. day, and max. 500 DKK for the whole week
  • Post-Jamboree: Free
  • Jobber children below age 6 participate for free
  • Jobber children age 6-12 pay half price pr. day and maximum of 250 DKK for the whole jamboree

(Jobber children = Children of jobbers, who do not live in a camp with a group. All jobber children eat in our jobber canteen).

Jobber Camp

We will establish a jobber camp, where you can sleep in a cabin in smaller dormitories (with others), in your own tent or in a camping wagon. There will be good toilet and bathing facilities for our jobbers.

Our Lovely Jobber Canteen

All jobbers are welcome to eat in the Jobber Canteen. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. All paying jobber eat for free during Pre- and Post-Jamboree and all paying helpers eat for free during the Main Jamboree. Our jobber cooks have a tradition of cooking well and making sure all jobbers are well taken care of throughout the week.

Outside meal times, the canteen is open to all leaders at the jamboree. There will be plenty of opportunity to spend a cosy and fun time together.

Jobber Party

We would like to thank all our jobbers properly. Therefore, we invite all jobbers to a jobber party on Saturday the 1st of August at around 18:00.


In the top of the Jamboree hierarchy, you find our Jamboree Executive Committee whose primary job is to make sure everyone has a fantastic Jamboree experience. This committee is headed by our Jamboree Chiefs who work together with the responsible chairpersons of the jamboree committees.

  • Jamboree Chiefs: Fleus & Ann

The Jamboree has the following committees that you can join as a jobber. Contact us for more information on jobbing at Vendelbo Jamboree on e-mail info@vendelbo-jamborette.dk

Technology and Logistics

In Technology and Logistics, our job consists primarily of managing all practical aspects of the jamboree, e.g., firewood, poles, cleaning, facilities, transporting gear, electricity, water supply, safety on the jamboree site, First Aid and canteen etc. 

  • Responsible chairmen: Kasper & Rene
  • Safety at vj2021: Thomas
  • Canteen: Hanne & Marie
  • First Aid​: Lise


In the Activity Committee, we work on building all the guiding scouting experiences, e.g., Opening and Closing Ceremonies, activities throughout the week, daily events and our anniversary day events. 

  • Responsible chairwoman: Tine
  • Activities Age 16-23: Mads & Carsten


In administration, our primary job is writing back and forth with our groups and jobbers on, e.g. our website or on Facebook. We work the jamboree’s PR and manage all registrations. We also answer small and large questions before, during and after the jamboree. We update our information screens and take care of sudden small problems, which may arise.

  • Responsible chairpersons: Susanne & Jørgen
  • IT and website: Andreas
  • PR and information: Mikael
  • International: Louise